Day Fourteen. Gladiator Battles and Roman Daily Life

While Deanna and I cuddled with the puppy, Jan cooked us breakfast. We had a long day of walking in the hot sun ahead of us, so we wanted to be ready to go. The forecast had not a drop of water in the forecast, so we packed some water bottles and a lunch and got mentally geared up for a scorcher.

Rome 301  Rome 302

Our flat in Rome wasn’t too central, but it was only a ten minute walk from a metro line that could take us straight to the Colosseum in under ten minutes.

Rome 303

We opted for a guided tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, because we figured we might get a little bit more out of the visit that way. Our guide for the Colosseum was an older lady who, although knowledgable, was somewhat hard to hear in the packed Flavian Amphitheater. We had half an hour before the start of the second leg of our tour, so we took some time to look through the museum and to snap some pictures. We had thought that the meeting point was somewhere near the terrace, and while we waited there, it became apparent that we had either missed our group or mixed something up, because we could’t see anyone we recognized anywhere.

 Rome 304

Rome 305  Rome 306

We decided to look for the scout that we had originally seen, as we didn’t even have the passes to visit the Roman Forum on our own, but only tour group stickers. Luckily, we found a rep, who told us that we had been waiting in the wrong spot, and although we’d missed our tour, we could catch up with the next one in half an hour. After waiting on the steps outside the Colosseum for a while, once we finally started the second portion of our tour, it became apparent that we had lucked out. Our new tour guide, Alex, was animated, lively and knew how to sell a story to a crowd. He kept things about ancient Roman life interesting, and let us know of a few other tours he was leading. We signed up for one tomorrow, and went to find a shaded spot where we could eat our lunch. Apart from keeping our food away from birds, and an overly-friendly wasp, we figured that day had gone pretty well so far.

Rome 307  Rome 308Rome 309

Taking our time to look through the rest of the Forum, we enjoyed the sun and weather – until we started to feel burns seeping in a little bit. Deanna got her revenge on the birds by terrorizing a little pigeon, and then we decided to call it quits when we could visibly see how red we’d gotten. Since we had had our fill of walking around today, but still wanted to feel like we’re in Rome, we went home to watch a movie. And what better than to watch Angels and Demons? Based in Rome, we got to see a lot of the places that we had seen during the day a second time in a film setting.

 Rome 313  Rome 312

Rome 311  Rome 310

Grazie Mille!


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