Day Eleven. Swim, Stairs, Sun, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

On Deanna’s recommendation, we all made our way into the Buzha Bar in the center of Dubrovnik. Located by the city wall on the side next to the sea, it is really a little paradise. A side note, this city has a lot of stairs. And we’re not just saying that, but seriously. This city has a LOT of stairs.

Dubrovnik 301

The Buzha Bar is an absolutely great place to go for a swim. The sea is very warm around Dubrovnik in July, and getting in the water is no problem. Don’t be scared off by the title of the spot – it might be a bar, but you are not required to buy anything in order to go for a swim there. The rocky wall side offers a few niches to place your towels on, but apart from that, it drops off directly into the sea. We’d packed our swimsuits that morning and were quite excited to get in the water. There’s no beach, no easy entrance. You can dive right in, or climb down a ladder, but no matter what you do, you will find yourself swimming in deep, warm, Adriatic water. 

Dubrovnik 302  Dubrovnik 304Dubrovnik 303

An absolute gem, we would all go back in a heartbeat. For the adrenaline junkies among all, there is even a cliff side you could climb onto to jump off of, but it reaches a height of about 10-12 meters that you could jump off of. And if you think you could do it, just do it. We quite regret not having taken the leap off of it when we had the chance.

Dubrovnik 305  Dubrovnik 306

Taking the opportunity to get a few photos that we had missed so far, our mood was quite high as we walked around town, joking and trying to appreciate our last day in this beautiful city.

Dubrovnik 307  Dubrovnik 308

For some food treats, we stopped for a final supper here at a pizzeria, and Deanna and I satisfied our sweet tooth by indulging in some gelato right around the city center.

Dubrovnik 309  Dubrovnik 310

Getting out of the city, we took in the last rays of the day while viewing St. Lawrence’s fortress in the dying light. Deanna and Nastassia finished their gelato, while Jan tried to find a good technique for skipping rocks on a choppy sea as opposed to a calm lake.

Dubrovnik 311  Dubrovnik 312

In a last minute revelation, we realized that we could still maybe watch the sunset from Gradac Park. Running up there in less than 2 or 3 minutes – quite the feat when you account for a backpack, cameras, other belongings, as well as Dubrovnik’s never-ending stairs – we were a little disappointed when we realized that another hill blocks the sunset from that location. It was, however, still a cool spot to spend our last few hours, because it was not only a spot of yet another Game of Thrones scene (The Purple Wedding), but a beautiful park in the dusk hours, that offers a nice view of Dubrovnik from both sides.

Dubrovnik 313  Dubrovnik 314

Dubrovnik 315