Day Seven. Beaches, Sun, Tanning

Wanting some serious beach time today, the three of us had a quick breakfast, made some wraps from leftover burgers the night before, packed some towels and some beers and hit the road. We walked through the old town to get an overview of all that it had to offer before going to Marjan Park to enjoy the sunshine. The hills in split, combined with narrow streets and the seaside architecture made for an interesting walk there.

Split 201  Split 202

The park has many mini-hiking paths, as well as a great jogging trail, with the beach surrounding it almost from every side. We did an easy hike/walk for an hour or two just to explore the park and to find our bearings, and then set up camp at our favourite little beach that we’d seen along the way. As it was lunchtime already, we set up our feast on the table and dug in. The wraps tasted even more delicious when paired with the gorgeous view of the sea and the sun and the Croatian coastline.

Split 203  Split 204Split 205  Split 206

Swimming in the Adriatic sea, we took advantage of Jan’s waterproof camera again and spent the afternoon in complete bliss, just swimming, diving, and enjoying the perfect weather.


Walking back to town around 5, we stopped by Split’s biggest market to pick up some in-season grapes, peaches, and pears. We also picked up some walnuts and enjoyed them later back at our flat. Walking through the market, you can really feel a different culture than you’re used to, one where bargaining or selling is a way of life, and the fresh fruits were really picked within the last 24 hours and are really and truly fresh.

Split 211

This night we decided to go on one of Split’s pub crawls. Starting by the bell tower behind Diocletian’s palace, it took us to 4 different pubs and clubs around Split. We met a ton of other travelers, enjoyed some free pizza, danced at a seaside club, and played some flip cup with a bunch of fun people. Back at our flat at the end of the night, we felt a little bad that our panda mascot had missed out on all the fun the whole day, and we arranged him in a way so that he could have his own pub night while we went to bed.

Split 212  Split 213 Split 214  Split 215