Day Eight. No Sea Kayaks for the Adventurous

The three of us were feeling pretty ambitious when we planned to be at a Split walking tour for 10:30 am this morning. We forgot about the realities of a pub crawl, and the morning after a late night like that. To be fair, we were up by about 9:30, but that wasn’t nearly enough time to shower, eat breakfast, and get to town in time. We decided to skip that and to take the day a little slower, so that we wouldn’t have to stay overly rushed all day. We also planned to go to Diocletian’s Palace after the walking tour and then directly to a sea kayaking tour afterwards as well. Skipping the walking tour, we made ourselves eggs and sausages, and some wraps for the road.

Split 301

We headed into town and stopped at Diocletian’s Palace, in order to get ourselves back on track. It’s been there, in varying stages, since at least 305 CE. A huge fortress, it’s worth a look. The parts that exist were formerly the substructure of the palace, and were kept in really good condition due to the fact that after a few hundred years, it was filled with debris and garbage. Somewhat ironic but a good twist of fate for the building. Diocletian must have been a pretty impressive guy, not only to have been a caesar, but to get this built solely for his retirement.

Split 302  Split 303

Split 304

After the visit, we came out into the main courtyard, where plays are performed or bands play most evenings. We sat for a half hour or so and finished our wraps, but then decided to go book our kayaking tour and to get ready for that. We had a promoter for it come up to us even as we sat eating, so we were sure that there would be spots for us. Getting to the office, we asked to book the tour for that day, and the receptionist turned us away, saying that not only the tour was full, but that you have to reserve a minimum of two hours ahead of time, which is written no where. Not wanting to make a fuss, we went on our way and tried to make a new plan for the rest of the day. We were left extremely impressed by the private beach we were at yesterday, and decided to repeat that endeavour. We swam for a couple of hours and tried to enjoy the lovely weather for the rest of the afternoon.

Split 305  Split 306

Walking back to town, we decided to go for a nice dinner, as the kayaking and the tour both kind of didn’t work out today. We found a lovely little place right off the main boulevard, and sat for a couple hours just talking the night away while we watched the sunset. Deanna ordered herself some fish and spinach, and Nastassia and Jan decided to share a meat plate that sounded delicious. The food was pretty great, and the company even better.

 Split 308  Split 309

Split 307

Finishing the night off on a sweet note, we noticed that a gelato place had ferrero rocher flavoured gelato out, and we couldn’t resist. Delicious, sweet gelato to wrap up a good time in Split while staring at some twinkly lights over the water. All three of us went home perfectly content and now we just have to spend a little time packing up all of our stuff and making sure that we are ready to go for out 6:15 am bus tomorrow morning!

Split 310  Split 311

Split 312

Spavati zbijeno!