Day Four. Churches and Pub crawls

Using up the last of our loaf of bread, we decided to start the day off right with some french toast. Our last full day in Budapest today, and so we didn‘t want to waste a minute. Having a good breakfast means a good day, right? At the very least we put that theory to test.

Budapest 401

Having somehow missed out on the past few days, we planned to visit two of the gorgeous churches that we’d seen around the city, in order to actually see the inside as well as the outside. We forgot exactly how far the churches were and so managed to underestimate how much walking we were going to be doing, but luckily we all wore good walking shoes. For better or worse the forecast had changed from the last time we had checked from thunderstorms and rain to 34 and sunny. Gorgeous and not a cloud in the sky, but even more sweat than the last two days.

Budapest 402  Budapest 403

First church we visited was Matthias Church, found on top of castle hill. Upon entry, the beautiful walls and floors are covered almost inch for inch in patterns, florals, murals and icons. Stunning. The Hungarian University of Fine Arts was involved in a restoration project, which fixed many of the wall murals, some paintings, as well as a few sculptures and such. Well worth a visit.

Budapest 404  Budapest 405

Coming out of the church there is also Fisherman’s Bastion – feels a little like a visit to Hogwarts. There you will find beautiful architecture, and a really interesting vibe. You have to pay to go into the little lookout itself, but the arches leading up to it still lend a fantastic view of the city if you don’t feel like paying the extra. When we were done with glorifying and praising the view, we went back around to the front of the church, for a last couple of shots and to cool off in a sprinkler.

Budapest 406  Budapest 407

Budapest 408  Budapest 409

En route to St. Stephen’s Basilica, we took a moment to climb a street lamp – who could resist when they’re basically ladders? Then we continued on our way to cross over the Danube River one more time. St. Stephen’s is beautiful, gorgeous, everything you would expect from a famed European Church. We didn’t quite catch a glance at St.Stephen’s mummified hand, but we’ve been told it’s there if you’re ever in the neighborhood and want a quick gander.

 Budapest 410  Budapest 411

Outside the church we took a quick 20 minute break so that Deanna and Nastassia could get in a little sketching, and so that Jan could play with the time-lapse functions on his phone. Not the work of the greats, but it was a fun way to experience the square, people watch, and personalize visiting such a big monument which could often be taken as simply a checkmark on a to-do list.

Budapest 412

[vimeo 101301804]

After such a long day of church visiting and sweltering in the heat, we decided to opt for eating out and went for some burgers at the place found right under our lovely airbnb flat. Good Bar Good Burger is a great place if you’re ever stranded in central Budapest looking for a quick bite.

Budapest 413

After our meal, Deanna wasn’t hit quite as hard with a food coma as Jan and Nastassia, so she went for a walk to the Great Market Hall. Organized vendors, food kiosks, it’s everything you would want out of a modern day market, with a really cool building to boot.

Budapest 414

Deciding to take advantage of our last night in Budapest, we rested up before heading out on the town with a pub crawl. We were left really impressed with our walking tour earlier and chose the same company to go with. The crawl took us to 4 really great pubs, included 3 free shots, and was a great way to meet a bunch of other travelers. We got to try Hungarian Palinka, which is a really strong fruit brandy. If you can taste a fruit bowl in your mouth after taking a shot, then your taste buds are probably much more refined than ours. Still worth a try though! As well, the last pub we found a table hockey table which, even though one player is broken off his peg and just in the way, was still a safe bet for some friendly competition.


Budapest 415  Budapest 416